Rama for BBC: Afghan refugees will be allowed to stay permanently in Albania

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The Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, declared for BBC that Albania is ready to offer shelter to Afghan citizens if they want to remain in our country.

“Maybe they will be able to go to the USA later. We know that the situation is complicated. There are many people applying for US visas, so it may take more time than previously thought. Of course, we are ready to welcome them for a longer time. If they want to remain in Albania, we can do that as well”, Rama said for journalist Ben Boulos.

Rama said that no rich country has offered support to Albania for the accommodation of Afghan citizens. The Prime minister said that the only support is coming from NGOs and the solidarity of the Albanian people, who have a long welcoming tradition.

“We are not a rich country. 30 years ago we were in the same position. It was very similar, as regards the travel, the pain, and the anxiety. We are happy to do it, as it honors our tradition and it honors us as well”, Rama declared.