COVID-19 cases keep increasing in Albania, Health Ministry prepares COVID 3 Hospital

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Three people have died in the past 24 hours due to COVID complications, according to the Albanian Healthcare authorities.

After making 6619, 888 citizens have resulted positive while 274 others have recovered during the past day.

There are 7681 active patients in the entire country and 91 of them are receiving specialized treatment in hospital.

The Albanian Health Minister, Ogerta Manastirliu, declared that with the increased number of new cases through the Delta variant, they are preparing the COVID3 hospital in case the COVID 1 gets full.

The Delta variant has been noticed even among children, although with milder symptoms than the British one.

The Head of the Infective Service, Gjeorgjina Kuli, states that children can return to schools even in this situation, but the anti-Covid measures must be very strong.

The Technical Committee is still discussing whether children over 12 should be vaccinated, as seven children are now recovered at the Pediatric Hospital with COVID.