The “Delta” variant of the coronavirus keeps growing, Alimehmeti: Vaccination, the only measure

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Experts evaluate that the Delta variant infections are growing in Albania, but the situation might get better by the end of September.

Epidemiologist Ilir Alimehmet says that despite the increased cases, the number of hospitalized people is much lower than the January-February period. However, even if the Delta wave will get better in a few weeks, we don’t know yet what will happen in the winter.

Ilir Alimehmeti underlines that vaccination remains the most important process to avoid severe cases and deaths from new variants.

However, he is against the vaccination of children above 12. The increasing cases of the Delta variant should not bring new restrictive measures in the country. The vaccine should be the only measure taken by the authorities to manage the pandemic.  

The third week of August marked 500 new cases a day of the Delta virus. 81 patients are getting treatment at the COVID hospital.