Rama reports about the situation with wildfires throughout the country

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The Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, made the balance of fires through a Facebook status.

“There are currently 13 fire sources in the entire country. The wildfires in Karaburun and Cukal do not put any home in danger. In Fushe Arrez the situation remains dangerous for residential areas. We have sent a helicopter for air support. In Gjirokastra, the fire continues at the Lunxheria Valley. There is no risk for the residences. The Armed Forces are working with the other authorities.  In the “Arshi Lengo” village, where the operational forces are working with a helicopter. There are other fires in Tepelena, Shetaj, Manskuri, Lukan, Mallakastra, Sheelcan, Vendreshe, etc, without putting any house in danger. ”, Rama declared.