Albanian citizens still stuck at the Al-Hawl camp

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One day ago, the Albanian Prime Minister mentiod the hard operation for returning several Albanian citizens from Syria.

This was a follow-up to the previous operation that had four children with their mothers return to Albania. The Kurdish authorities, after completing the verification process for all the Albanians remaining there, contacted the Albanian authorities to take their citizens back to our country.

But Camp Roj is not Al Hawl, from where A2 receives audio messages with plead from help eve to this day.

“They say that we are going back soon. We don’t know exactly when. Let’s hope it will be soon. What matters is that we are all good”, said Myrvete Dibra from the Al Hawl camp.

The Roj camp, which houses 800 people, has a school, a mosque, and all mothers have been identified.

While the Al Hawl camp has no identification register for 80,000 persons.

One of Myrvete’s daughters, Oljada, just 16-years-old, has told her relatives that they haven’t started their trip yet and they aren’t sure whether Albania would accept them.

Al Hawl has still 17 LAbanian persons, most f them children. Among the ones who survived is also Eva Dumani, Myrvete Dibra, with her two children, Hajrije Taushani, with two children, Elona Shuli, with two sisters, her minor osn and Emanuela Daci, with her three children.