Government announces bidding race for Saranda Airport

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The competition for building the seasonal airport of Saranda was open today.

The Albanian Minister of Infrastructure , Belinda Balluku, declared that the open race from August 2nd to September 23rd.

“This project will allow local and foreign companies to compile the necessary documentation and apply based on the legal criteria. The investors will have our total support”, Balluku declared.

According to Balluku, the procedure for the construction of this airport is cheaper, since the government will not offer financial guarantee. It will be a private investment.

Balluku underlined that with the construction of this airport Albania expects 1 million visitors. To skeptics she said that the development of civil aviation will bring development to the country.

The construction of the Saranda airport is C3 Category, with a 2200 m length. The government has already taken measures for expropriation.