Zaev on Balkan’s Mini-Schengen initiative: We cannot wait for the EU to resolve its internal problems

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The Prime Minister of North Macedonia, Zoran Zaev, declared that the Balkan Minischengen Project, which aims to unite the Western Balkan countries into one single market, provides exactly the 4 fundamental freedoms of the Union.

“This is about freedom of movement for people, goods, capital and services. The purpose is to have no border stops between Serbia, North Macedonia and Albania. In the future we hope it will get even wider”, Zaev said in a press release before the meeting with PM Rama and Serbian President, Vucic, at the Skopje Economic Forum.

Zaev said that the Western Balkan countries cannot wait until the internal conditions of the European Union are ready to accept them in the EU.

“We heard the appeals of businesses in the region and took steps to eliminate the administrative procedures. This will make the Balkans a more attractive market. Not lifting the visa regime for Kosovo goes against the principles of the EU itself. We cannot wait for the EU to resolve its internal problems. We will wait, but by continuing with our joint economic initiatives”, Zaev said.