Vucic on Mini-Schengen: Let’s see towards the future and leave something to our children

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The Serbian President, Alexandar Vucic, reiterated once again from the Skopje Forum why the Mini-Schengen will bring good opportunities to the countries that will join it.

Vucic praised the talks with the other regional leaders and underlined the need to see towards the future and leave something better to the next generations.

“When we started this initiative everything seemed better for the future and that will change things in the Balkans. We all had problems. However, we decided to look at the future and leave something to our children. We built a sincere trust between each other. The eyes of all of us are towards the future, but we are not naïve to believe that someone else will work hard about it, if we don’t work on our own.

“We must show our citizens in North Macedonia, Serbia and Albania that we are capable and we can decide on our own, we can improve their lives and not wait for someone to take our fate in their hands. We reached an agreement yesterday very easily. We accepted everything that was proposed by Mr. Rama and Mr. Zaev. These propositions are in our interest. Someone says that Serbia is benefiting most, but that’s not true. The free movement reduces costs because there are no stops in the borders”, Vucic declared.