Kosovo opposes the Balkan Mini-Schengen initiative: “Lacks of vision”

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As the leaders of Albania, North Macedonia and Serbia met in Skopje to discuss the Balkan Mini-Schengen Initiative, Kosovo remains firm in its position against it. PM Albin Kurti considered it an initiative without vision that doesn’t have the support of Kosovo.

Kurti did not attend the Skopje Forum, while he declared through an article on Radio Free Europe that the Novi Sad initiative doesn’t have the support of Kosovo.

“The so-called mini-Schengen is an initiative without any vision for the region. We have propose to advance with the regional cooperation from CEFTA to SEFTA, based on the EFTA-EEA model from which would benefit all Western Balkan countries”, Kurti declared.

The mini-Schengen idea was introduced in Novi Sad, Serbia, on October 10th 2019, by the leaders of Serbia, North Macedonia and Albania. The North Macedonian PM, Zoran Zaev, who organized the meeting, appealed the Western Balkan countries to join the initiative which would create the vision for real development in the region.

The Prime Minister of Kosovo has opposed the mini-Schengen initiative by reiterating that the Balkans should go back to the EU integration agenda, rather than focusing on projects that will hurt Albanians.