Albania’s trade exchange with Serbia, North Macedonia and Kosovo remain at very low levels

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Albania’s trade exchange with the other countries of the region are almost insignificant.

While our country’s trade is mainly oriented towards the EU member states, mainly to Italy and Greece, we exchange few products with our neighbors.

According to data from the Institute of Statistics, Albanian exports to Serbia had the highest level in 2018 with 8 billion ALL, but last year they dropped to 6.2 billion ALL.

While Serbian goods in the Albanian market are more competitive, imports from Serbia reached 22.9 billion in 2020, almost as the previous years.

As regards North Macedonia, the exchange is very low but in a relatively stable rate.

Albania exported 8.8 billion ALL to North Macedonai last year, almost the same as the previous years. Imports were 9.5 billion in 2018 and dropped to 9 billion in 2020.

Albania has more exports with Kosovo, as it is easier for Albanain products to enter the markets of Kosovo. The exports to Kosovo were 26.2 billion ALL last year, and 29.8 billion ALL in 2019. Imports were 8.3 billion, almost at the same level for both years.