COVID-19 in Albania, 30 new cases and 1 death, Muka against restrictions

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The Albanian Health Ministry announced that after conducting more than 3316 tests in the past 4 hours, they confirmed 30 new cases while 8 persons have recovered.

After many days without fatalities, Albania has marked one victim from COVID-19.

Epidemiologist Taulant Muka declared that different from other countries, Albania is more able to face future outbreaks due to the immunity created in the population.

“The preliminary data show that this variant could be mor transmittable, but  not that problematic. I believe that there is no room for panic in our country, considering that one large part of the population has recovered from it. On theother hand, the vaccination process of endangered age groups has gone well”, said Muka.

As regards restrictions, Muka is against even of the measures that are being applied right now.

“Restrictive hours have no epidemiological value”, hedeclared, adding that thenext winter will be calmer than one year ago.