Albanians ranked third in Europe for asylum seeking in 2020

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The COVID-19 pandemic didn’t stop the Albanian youth from applying for asylum in the EU. During the pandemic year, according to Eurostat, 2125 minors from Albania have demanded asylum in EU countries.

Sociologists say that beyond the economic aspects, what forced youth to leae Albania is the fact that they see no hope in the future.

More than 2000 Albanian children have requested asylum in the EU and Switzerland during the past year, making 12% of the total and ranking our country third after Turkey and Russia.

But what are the consequences to the economic and social conditions of Albania?

“Those who emigrate are people that this country needs, people who have had the opportunity to make a career in European countries. When that happens, they are even more needed in a country like ours, which has a lower professional and intellectual capacity”, says sociologist Ergys Mertiri for A2.

The most favorite destination for Albanian children was France, due to the easier social measures offered by the country. 44% of the applications were made in France, 22.6% in Germany, 11.3% in Greece, 6.8% in Belgium, 5.8% in Italy and 3.7% in Sweden.