Failure to respect contracts damages Albania’s business climate

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The violation of the agreements remains one of the main issues that stops the investment process in Albania.

There are many similar cases in Albania, as proven by the rulings of the international arbitration court, which have been in Albania several times.

The World Bank report “Doing Business 2020” lists Albania among the three last countries as regards the business climate.

We are listed 82nd in the world, losing 19 spots from 2019, mostly as regards the investment protection, which is the most important indicator for foreign investors.

In 2019 Albania was listed 26th for investment protection. One year later it was listed 111th, losing 85 spots within 12 months. Another indicator marked an deterioration, the “contract protection”.

Albania lost 22 spots in 2020 compared to 2019, listed 166th from 151st that it was before the health crisis.