All signs show that the Delta variant of the coronavirus is present in Albania

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There are no more doubts that the Delta variant of the coronavirus is circulating in Albania as well. The Albanian Health Minsiter only waits the confirmation from the Berlin lab. However, all signs show that the delta variant is present.

The Minister appealed the population to continue with the vaccination.

“There is reasonable doubt that the Delta variant is circulating in Albanai, bt we are waiting for the Reference Labs to prove it. Based on what is happening in the neighboring countries, there is an increase of the variant. We need to raise awareness for the vaccination process. The vaccine is the only weapon that we have.”

The increased number of daily infections showed that it wasn’t the British variant of the virus, but another mutation. There are doubts that it could be the Delta variant, which is affecting the entire Europe, even younger ages.

The Albanian Health authorities appeal citizens to take the two doses of the vaccine, as the “open week” comes to conclusion.