Private business charges people to see 500-year-old castle built by Skanderbeg

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60 kilometers from the capital of Albania, Tirana, and 50 km from Durres, there is one of Albania’s best tourist attractions, the Cape of Rodon.

This small peninsula offers a great view and two historic monuments of special importance, the Skanderbeg Castle and the Saint Andrew Church.

The two monuments, part of the Cultural Heritage, were left in the mercy of fate. While the hand of the government seems invisible, someone else is taking advantage of the situation.

The Franciscan Church has taken the entire area under administration and they are using it also for tourism. The church is running a business activity even in the areas that don’t belong to them, according to the official real estate documents.

Prashant Bahtias, a tourist from Dubai, paid 5 Euros to visit the area. On June 19th the police inspected the area for illegal constructions, but residents say they never come with serious intentions.

The 500-year-old castle was built by Skanderbeg in the years 1450-1452 for a quicker exit to the Adriatic in case of invasion by the Ottoman army.