Daja: Increased new cases show “Delta” variant of the coronavirus is also spreading in Albania

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The “Delta” variant of the coronavirus has entered Albania. Although there isn’t an official confirmation from the reference laboratory in Germany, specialists admit that all indicators show that the Indian mutation is circulating in our country.

The sudden increase of the new cases, according to epidemiologist Rovena Daja, shows the presence of this variant in our country.

“Since there are cases in Kosovo, Greece, and Montenegro, it could have entered Albania as well. We don’t have an official document yet. There is no response whether we have delta cases”, said Daja for A2.

The persons who were confirmed positive in the past 24 hours are above 20, not vaccinated and who have neither recovered from COVID.

Experts say that there will be a new wave of the coronavirus, but not as aggressive as the one that went through this winter.

Despite the increased number of infections, a positive indicator is the fact that there haven’t been any deaths due to the coronavirus, while hospitalizations have been law.