Albanians pay seven taxes for every liter of fuel, some unique to our country

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Albanians pay seven taxes for every liter of gas that they buy for their vehicles, a record compared to the rest of the world. Some of these taxes go to the state budget and two for concessionary companies.

For every liter of gas that is sold in the market, the Albanian government collects 37 ALL in excise, 27 All in circulation tax, 3 ALL carbon tax and 7-10 ALL of taxes for re-licensing.

Besides the four taxes that go o the budget, four others go to concessionary private companies: the marking tax, 1 ALL per liter, and the scanning tax, 1.4 ALL per liter. After these six taxes, citizens also pay VAT, which is 20% of the final price, or 30 All per liter. This takes the total tax burden at 109.4 ALL per liter.

Other countries in the region only pay excise and VAT, which reaches a total of 48 ALL per liter, or two to three times less than the taxes paid by the Albanian citizens.

The circulation tax in North Macedonia, for example, is not collected through the gas, but through vehicles. While the scanning and marking taxes don’t exist in any other country of Europe.