The quality of reporting in Albania, fake news remain an issue

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The media information system in Albania is stable, somewhat clean. However, its quality and accuracy remain unsatisfactory.

This was the conclusion of IREX, a non-profit organization specializing in global development, in a report called “the pure information barometer”, VIBE for 2021.

The report estimates that while the media environment enjoys an infrastructure that meets the needs, fact checking procedures and verification of informationare not at the same level. This leads to misinformation, especially from online media.

The President of the Union of Albanian Journalists, Aleksander Cipa, declared that time has come for the media to train their staff in order to fight the flux of fake news.

IREX Barometer, which focuses on the factors that have influenced the media and the information sector in 13 countries, in Europe and Eurasia during the pandemic period, rated Albania with 22 points.