Rama introduces new public procurement package: It addresses the necessity to increase integrity among parties

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The Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, introduced this Tuesday the new public procurement package, announcing that it addresses the necessity to increase the integrity and responsibility of all involved parties.

“Our purpose is not to compare things to the past, but to go forward and remove the gap from the future.

The new package will give contractor authorities and the government new instryments, which are more efficient in providing a regulatory framework for the public procurement in Albania, with a structure that is closer to the European legislation”, Rama declared.

The Prime Minister added that if the recommendations will be violated, the Prime Ministry will be the one taking the violations to the Special Anticorruption Prosecution.

“This is a complicated process for which the EU is still looking for more ways to make it complete. But it is objectively feasible for our country to progress to another level in this area, guaranteeing that every institution is working as a link of the same chain, rather than as its own owner. The communication will be 100% guaranteed. The recommendations of the agency are no Bible or Quran. These are recommendations that can be discussed and we may react professionally towards them. But if there will be no answer to these recommendations, those cases will be taken to SPAK from the Prime Ministry itself”, Rama declared.