EC and Albanian Foreign Minister react to the accusations launched by the Alliance for the Theater against EU Ambassador Soreca

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The European Council has considered the accusations raised by the Alliance for the Theater as misinforming.

The Alliance for the Theater accused Soreca of trying to influence the ruling of the Constitutional Court regarding the demolition of the Albanian National Theater. The Albanian government decided to demolish the older building and replace it with a new one. The Alliance for the Theater, a group of activists, was formed against this act.

The Theater was demolished and the Alliance for the Theater filed a complaint at the Constitutional Court. They accused Soreca of trying to influence the Court’s decision as he met with Vitore Tusha, the President of the Constitutional Court a few days before the session.

The Constitutional Court ruled that the construction works for the new National Theater should be suspended, but they didn’t rule against the decision for demolishing the older one. The Alliance for the Theater has filed a lawsuit against Soreca.

The Spokesman of the Commission, Peter Stano, said that the leaders in Brussels have full confidence in Soreca.

“It seems that there is a campaign directed against the Head of the EU delegation in Tirana. I must say that the allegations are unfounded and misinforming. Ambassador Luigi Soreca has the unwavering support and trust of the EC for the great work he is doing in the interest of the European Union.

The Albanian Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs also reacted to the accusations against Soreca. Considering him a great frined of Albania and the Albanian people, Minister Olta Xhacka reminded that he went beyond his competences to help the Albanian people with the earthquake, the pandemic and integration. She also criticized the government and the Albanian politics.