After the arrest of the Lushnja Mayor, SPAK goes to Pogradec

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After the investigation that led to the arresting of the Lushnja Mayor, Fatos Kushe, the Special Anticorruption Court has filed a case against the former Mayor of Pogradec, Eduart Kapri, and five former officials of the municipality who are accused of violating the tender equality and public procurements.

Besides former Mayor Kapri, the other persons chargedwith corruption are Avdulla Cano, former Vice Mayor; Nexhmi Torra, former coordinator of the Administrative Units at the Pogradec Municipality; Enkeleida Kllomollari, former Director of the Education Center at the Pogradec Municipality; Gurali Blaceri, former maintenance worker at the Education Center of Pogradec, and Safet Blaceri, also former maintenance worker.

The officials are charged for the purchase of timber for heating. The investigations proved that Mayor Kapri and the members of the Bid Assessment Commission have violated the tender equality.

The two maintenance workers are being investigated for closing the doors of two schools that were approved as voting centers by the Central Election Commission for the local elections 2019. The invesetigation proved that Kapri and the two maintenance workers have tried to obstacle the voting process for the local elections.