Vurmo: SPAK investigation on police uniform tenders, an educative approach, not hitting high-level corruption

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Analyst Gjergji Vurmo, today’s guest on “Absolut 4”, on A2, commented on the recent operation of the Special Anticorruption Prosecution (SPAK) regarding the police uniform tender.

“It is an educative approach of SPAK, not hitting high-level corruption. SPAK has conducted an administrative investigation. We should have seen something more. It doesn’t seem a process or operation that aims to hit high-level corruption”, Vurmo declared.

For Vurmo, SPAK’s approach from the bottom to the top doesn’t look realistic.

“These are the reasons that make me think that we are dealing with a series of arrests to educate and to give signals for the common citizens and the administration. It doesn’t seem very hopeful as a signal, or as an action from SPAK”, Vurmo declared.