Police uniform tenders, Likmeta: SPAK investigation is not proactive

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The Chief Editor of BIRN, Besar Likmeta, declared on Absolut 4 that “SPAK” is not conducting a thorough criminal investigation regarding the police uniform tender.

“The police uniform tenders are always followed by corruption accusations. The accusations are that there are favoritisms through technical specifications. This is not a completely criminal investigation, but an administrative one from SPAK. In my opinion, this leaves much to be desired. We don’t have money tracking to find out who benefited from it. This SPAK is an anti-corruption structure, not an entity for controlling tender equality. The Chief Editor of BIRN added that SPAK has spent more time retrieving documents from the respective institutions. Hence, the investigation is not proactive. It leaves no hopes for deeper investigation from SPAK in the future”.