Health Sectors leads for suspicious tenders with 31.8% of the total

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A few days ago, the Albanian Prime Minister held a meeting with the Mayors of Albania. He asked them to not interfere for favoritism in public procurements, or they will be facing the Special Anticorruption Court. But an inquiry conducted by A2 CNN in the “Open Procurement” portal, it shows that of all sectors, health has the highest number of risky tenders.

These are tenders with a high risk for corruption and lack of competition. Form 2015 to today, 20.781 tenders have been held by the Health Sector, 6609 of which have red flags, or 31.8% of the total.

For the local government, this ratio is 16.8%, almost half of the Health Sector.

The most problematic sectors are the one that receive more money from the budget. Health and Education are among the first, but also the other ministries that are directly tied with public procurements”, said Eduart Gjokutaj.

Open Procurement data show that besides the health sector and local administration, other high-risk institutions are the Albanian Fund of Development, state enterprises, the Agency of Concentrated Purchases and the Albanian Road Authority.