COVID-19, the Delta variant arrives in the Western Balkans

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The Delta variant of COVID-19 has not arrived in Albania officially, but there is still the risk.

The new variant has affected the Western Balkans. Two cases were discovered in Kosovo and eight in North Macedonia, six of whom within one day.

Delta is spreading fast and it can only be tracked through tests. Albania has its hopes on the tourist season, but allowing people to travel untested and without passport,s the vaccination could be one of the ways for the virus to enter our country.

Besides the measures, the vaccination is seen as a safer solution than any variant of COVID-19, hence authorities are making appeals for citizens to take both doses of the vaccine.

Albania has vaccinated 30% of the population with one dose and 12% with both doses. Public health experts foresee a tense situation in autumn. Therefore, they are appealing for more vaccinations during the summer.  

The Albanian Health Minister, Ogerta Manastirliu, declared that the “Delta” variant of the coronavirus has not been identified in Albania. However, the situation is being monitored.

“Delta remains a serious threat for our country at a time when it is circulating in 90 countries of the world. It has proven to have a quick spread. Our structures are at alert, monitoring all the cases. We don’t have a presence right now, but we are monitoring the situation very closely”, Manastirliu said at the Albanian Parliament.