Soreca: High-level figures need to receive sentences

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The EU Ambassador to Tirana, Luigi Soreca, held a speech at the conference “Challenges and possibilities in the fight against corruption and reinforcement of integrity”. He said that now in Albania they are seeing the first results of the judicial reform.

“The Special Anticorruption Prosecution is showing the first results not only by filing officials, but also by seizing their assets.

“It was unthinkable before to see the Prosecutor General in court. He was even sentenced this May. We must see two important things, the sentencing and the seizing of assets. There are high-level figures who need to receive punishment”, he declared.

“Despite the improvement, Albania hasn’t reached the right place. SPAK must follow up with high-level corruption. Albania must make sure that the investigations will continue for judges and prosecutors who were involved with crime during the vetting process”, Soreca added.