Absolut 4, SPAK operation with arrested officials and the future of the fight against high-level corruption

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Journalist Armand Bajrami, today’s guest on “Absolut 4”, commented on the recent operation conducted by the Albanian Special Anticorruption Prosecution (SPAK) and the Italian antimafia authorities, which led to the arrest of 38 citizens, including high-level officials from the police and the Prosecution.

Bajrami declared that the SPAK Chairman, Arben Kraja, has warned of other results regarding high-level officials.

“The main message given by Kraja was that the authorities arrested two prosecutors in two weeks. He also warned more results with high-level officials. I hope that we will have results as regards high-level officials even in the government body, for abuses with public funds. I hope that the results will also please the public’s expectancies”, Bajrami declared.

The A2 journalist underlined that SPAK should follow the example of a similar structure in Romania, which has taken two Prime Ministers to cour.

Kasapi: Skeptical about operation results, if it’s based only on testimonies of former criminals turned justice collaborators

A2 Journalist, Julian Kasapi, was skeptical about the “Shpirti” operation that was held recently in Albania. According to Kasapi, the operations based on testimonies given by justice collaborators have usually ended up with only two or three people getting arrested.

“This operation has started since 2016. Some of the persons are arrested, since there are two other operations. What impressed me is that there are four justice collaborators. We have seen in the past that justice collaborators withdraw their accusation later and say the contrary. It is dangerous, since the Prosecution should have evidence to take them to justice. The two justice collaborators are also two former officials close to the former Interior Minister. If the operation is based on them, it will end up with two or three people getting arrested”, Kasapi declared.

 Sokol Bregu: The two main concerns for the “Shpirti” operation

According to journalist Sokol Bregu, Albanian judges have never known how to manage so many defendandts in one single trial. Bregu says that the main accusations from the opposition go directly to PM Rama and avoid prosecutors and former police directors.

Bregu brought the trial of Gerceci and “Volvo” as an example, which had many people arrested and in the end only two were sentenced.

“We have a police director who collaborated with crime, a local leader, a prosecutor, a police chief. What we want is for these people to get punishments. But the accusations are directly shifted to PM Rama. When the accusations turn personal to the PM, everything loses its momentum. I am convinced that those with power will end up without any sentencing. The media and the society are demanding the reopening of the Tahiri or having the Prime Minister at trial. If this goes on lile that, this Director will end up without any real sentencing”, Bregu declared.

As regards the Constitutional Court’s decision to repeal the law that allows the police to put citizens under surveillance, Bregu said that the majority has intentionally left this anti-Contitutional law in effect for the Constitutional Court to give some temporary satisfaction to the opposition and reinforce their future victories