Negotiations with Albania and North Macedonia, Palmer: Disappointed by the EU decision, it blocks our objectives in the region

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The Deputy Assistant Secretary for Euroasian Matters, Matthew A. Palmer, declared that the USA are disappointed by the decision of the EU to not start the first intergovernmental meeting with Albania and North Macedonia.

From the Prespa Forum for Dialogue, the US diplomat also said that the EU should keep its promise for lifting the visa regime with Kosovo.

“To realize the full potential of this region, the Eu leaders should do more than just promises. They must take measures to resolve the political matters within and outside the country; strengthen multi-ethnic democracy and the judicial systems, and look towards the future.

“It is vital for the EU to support the region and approve the visa liberalization for Kosovo. We are disappointed by the decision to not start the negotiations, as this postponement has hampered the progress of our goals in the region: not only the normalization of the relations between Kosovo and Serbia, but much more than that”, Palmer said.