Zekja: Digital economic transactions, much easier for businesses to operate

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The second phase of the fiscalization process, which no longer allows businesses to carry on with cash transactions, will enter into effect by July 1st. Transactions will now be done through online electronic bills.

Florjan Zekja, a representative of Pro-Export Albania, declared for A2 Business that the digital system will make it much easier for businesses to operate.

“With this system, there are the premises to realize a paperless economy. We will no longer have payment bills, etc. Of course, our job becomes easier this way.

“If technology can replace the paper bureaucracy, it will be much easier for us. Tax Inspectors demand us for the bills of the past five years. Rather than focusing on production, for one entire month, we have to work on clarifying the bills.

“This will make it much easier for us to operate after it enters in effect. We are going to have a digital economy, without paper bills”, Zekja declared.