How much will the new fiscal system cost businesses? Tax Director Ibrahimaj explains on A2 Business

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As of July 1st, businesses will no longer be allowed to make cash transactions, but only through an electronic bill. This process aims to reduce informality and record an accurate turnover in real-time. But to do so, businesses must follow some steps which have their own costs.

On January 1st, the process started with businesses that carried out transactions with state institutions. As of July 1st, it will be used also for transactions between private businesses. By September 1st it will be applied between businesses and consumers as well.

Official data showed that 7690 businesses became part of the process during the first phase. Thousands of others are expected to be involved during the second phase. So far, 18,500 businesses have received electronic certification. There are 34,000 subjects in total that need to apply this process.

This law has caused debates, with arguments in favor and against. Some businesses and financial experts have asked the government to postpone the deadline. The Ministry of Finance is expected to publish a normative act for pardoning fines for companies that will not be ready to use the new fiscal system within the deadlines.

Today’s guest on A2 Business, the Director of the Albanian Tax Office, Mrs.Delina Ibrahimaj, declared that the number of businesses applying the new system is expected to grow each. Day.

“There is a stock of 4000 businesses that haven’t received the electronic certificate yet. It is a flux that can be covered, and everyone will receive the certificate”, she said.

As regards those who are against, Ibrahimaj declared that every new reform has its own challenges.

“This reform will have its own difficulties in implementation, but I am certain that even if we postpone the deadline, we would meet the same problems in the last few days. The approach of the tax administration will not be penalizing businesses. There will be no fines during this year for mistakes done through the new fiscal system. We will follow all businesses and will help them with online training and advice”, Ibrahimaj declared.

When asked whether there will be additional cost for businesses that will apply the new system, Ibrahimaj confirmed that the cost will be similar to the electronic case maintenance.

“The cost is 100 EUR for the equipment, 40 EUR for the electronic printer and 4800 ALL for the electronic signature. It is not as high as we had foreseen. This payment is done once, and the maintenance will continue based on what is requested”, Ibrahimaj declared.