Albania has the highest number of accidents in the region

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Road accidents are the third cause of death in Albania, after natural causes and unknown diagnoses.

According to the Institution of Statistics, road accidents make more than 1% of the total deaths.

The figures went down during the past year, but only because of the pandemic restrictive measures.

The first five months of 2021 marked a high number of accidents. From January to May 547 accidents have taken place in Albania, compared to 390 of one year ago.

The number of fatalities has also increased. 90 persons have died in 2021, 58 during the same period of 2020.

The summer and the increased traffic may add to the deaths even more, as it has been confirmed by June.

Today, on June 25th 2021, an entire family of four lost their lives in the Levan-Vlora road. Two vehicles crashed, taking the lives of the father (44-years-old), mother (44), daughter (14) and son (9).