Request for invalidation of Local Elections 2019, Kaso: Let’s hope that the Venice Commission stays away from political pressure

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The Constitutional Court decided to ask the Venice Commission for an opinion regarding the request of the opposition to invalidate them. The opposition, which boycotted the local elections of 2019, has argued that they should be invalidated since they were held on a date that was not decreed by the President.

The Democratic Party representative, Ivi Kaso, was today’s guest on Ditari. He said that the local elections of June 30th were held without a legal date, and that he hopes that the Venice Commission will stay away from political pressure and close to the best interest of the Albanian people.

He underlined that the last word will be spoken by the Constitutional Court, after considering the opinion of the Venice Commission.

“There were many expectancies from the Constitutional Court for the elections of June 2019, which have disappointed many people. There was a lack of race, and the expectancies were high due to the non-functionality of the Constitutional Court. We are not part of the process, we were allowed to followe it closely, but we were curious to know how the arguments would be treated regarding its return to constitutionality. There was a marathon session. The arguments for declaring the elections non-constitutional were exhausting. The date of the elections was cancelled by decree of the President. We have a decree of the President that has been repealed. The voting process was held without a legal date. It shows that there has been pressure on the Constitutional Court. We hope that the Venice Commission will stay away from political pressure, for the best interest of the Albanian people, and issue an opinion as soon as possible. The Venice Commission should be thanked, because they worked on Albania when the country was missing a Constitutional Court. Not only had they worked fast, but also with great quality. I hope that the Venice Document will be unequivocal”, Kaso declared.