Mimi Kodheli’s farewell as MP

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Today was the last Parliamentary session for the Socialist Party MP, Mimi Kodheli, a historical figure for this political force.

In a farewell speech, Kodheli thanked the political collaborators, from Gramoz Ruci to Edi Rama, leaving open the possibility of turning back to politics.

“Since this is my last speech in this room as an MP, I don’t want to talk about what we weren’t able to do, or that we didn’t do at all. I want to thank Gramoz Ruci for his leadership in these years, for the great lesson that he was able to give recently. I also thank Edi Rama for being a good collaborator, friend and leader. Thank you for the trust and opportunity that you gave me to represent our country. Hope to see you soon, in order to work together for our common good”, Kodheli declared.