Dasho: Albania has achieved herd immunity, but the government must take measures

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Doctor Erion Dasho declared on A2 “Ditari” that the pandemic is over in Albania, as the population has reached the natural immunity.

“There are few active cases, no transmissions, and the spreading has dropped. The first signs that Albania was reaching the herd immunity were shown since March. It is now clear that we have reached this immunity. The data show that the immunity was reached through natural way, not through the vaccine”, Dasho declared.

According to Dasho, in comparison to the other variants, such as “Delta”, the first data aare very hopeful. “We think that this herd immunity can protect patients from serious complications and fatal conditions”, he said.

However, Dasho thinks that the government must take measures.

“Chile has vaccinated 80% of the population with the Chinese vaccine, but there is a new outbreak of COVID-19. Countries that used the Chinese vaccine didn’t bring the pandemic to an end, they don’t have a herd immunity. The EU is not convinced about the efficiency of the Chinese vaccine, that’s why they aren’t approving it”, Dasho underlined.

“The situation will be safe by the end of summer. It can change only with the coming of new variants of the virus. I don’t expect more returns of the COVID-19 in Albania, especially if the population is vaccinated with quality vaccines”.