The Netherlands votes in favor of Albania’s first Intergovernmental meeting with EU for accession negotiations

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The Embassy of the Netherlands confirmed that their country has agreed to the first Intergovernmental Conference between Albania and the EU.

The Embassy announced that most of the Parliament voted in favor, and added that the procedure will be finalized tomorrow with the voting of the motions that may be brought by the political parties or the parliamentary groups.

“The Dutch government is pleased that a clear and stable negotiating framework has been established for the accession negotiations between the EU and Albania. The government looks forward to the holding of the first Intergovernmental Conference as a formal start to the negotiations, an intensive trajectory in which the reforms in the areas of the rule of law, the fight against organized crime, and corruption will remain key priorities for further strengthening the Democratic Institutions”, the Embassy declared.

 The Albanian Prime Minister reacted after the decision of the Netherlands, which makes way for the First Intergovernmental Conference between our country and the EU.

“The Dutch Parliament supports the First Intergovernmental Conference between Albania and the EU for starting the accession negotiations. I had told you before, without holding the elections there’s nothing to expect. The elections are over and now Albania was unblocked”, Rama wrote on Facebook.

The President of Albania, Ilir Meta, also reacted after the approval of the Dutch Parliament.

Meta wrote that fulfilling all of the conditions will be a constant request that will follow us throughout the entire process, and it will determine the time when the accession will be finalized.

Meta appealed to the Albanian politicians to focus on fulfilling all of the conditions the soonest as possible. “Let’s hope that the Council will have a positive decision on June 22nd regarding the start of the real negotiations. Let’s keep the focus on fulfilling all of the conditions”, Meta declared.