Nurellari: Kurti showed naivity and lack of expertise

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On A2 “Absolut 4”, political expert Adri Nurellai sees Kurti’s meeting with Vucic as a naïve action and lack of expertise. He said that the Prime Minister of Kosovo is going on with the same rhetoric during the campaign, while he should start acting as a state leader.

“An important step was taken today, which forces him to go back to the stateman’s path and has turned into a priority. Kurti is being forced to swallow down part of the bitterness he had thrown against his political opponents in Kosovo. He is going against a good part of the political activity in Kosovo, and he is unprepared, because he has invested a lot to oppose this. The process has a logic that was applied by Ahtisari, which is ‘we won’t accept anything without accepting everything’. Imposing specific conditions means not recognizing the format how negotiations are being done today. The discussion points are part of this huge agreement. Thaci would lose 2-3 days of reading consults before going to Brussels”.

For Nurellari, Kurti must respect the institutions and the agreements reached before him, by the previous governments. He is becoming ridiculous by starting everything from scratch.