Cryptocurrency expert: Bitcoin revenues in Albania, one third of the state budget

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The pandemic has made everyone cautious with spending. The growing insecurities stopped people from spending on luxury goods and travel due to the limited movement.

Today it seems that we have a new reality. Some of us have some money aside. Maybe they think about investing them, but don’t know how.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been mentioned more frequently recently. This was the topic discussed tonight on A2 Business, the alternatives of saving investments, based on the sum that one have, the risk and how much will people take back in return.

Are Albanians today more interested in Bitcoin?

Denisa Kele, cryptocurrency expert, said that the interest has been growing significantly in the recent days. Kele even said that the Bitcoin revenues in Albania are one third of the budget.

“This is a growing trend. I have opened my portfolio four or five years ago. Many didn’t know what it was back then, how could they use it and what they could do. Today I say with conviction that most of the Albanian youth are using it as a monthly revenue. The production of cryptocurrencies is actually generating money in Albania.

“The revenues from Bitcoin are one third of the Albanian budget, which means that there’s a huge investment. We are talking about people who have entered the market and cannot take risks, but also individuals who are investing 100,000 to 200,000 USD. Young people invest with lower sums, as they don’t want to take risks”, said expert Denisa Kele.