Kasapi on Absolut 4: Organized crime is showing supremacy towards the police

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A2 Journalist, Julian Kasapi, was today’s guest on Absolut 4, where he discussed the recent crimes that shocked public opinion.

Kasapi mentioned that the murders of Vlora are typical mafia style. He added that these serious events show that organized crime is now superior to the state police.

“The unresolved murders are the main issue of the police. Organized crime is showing its supremacy. It is resisting the police by showing force. Even in the city of Vlora, where the events were very serious, it shows that organized crime has taken power over the police. The murder of Bircaj and the wounding of Begaj by a person wearing a police uniform shows that organized crime is very sophisticated. They don’t stop at burning the vehicles of the crime for burning evidence.

“The police doesn’t have a single suspect or even any evidence from these crimes. The most concerning fact are that Albania has persons or groups who pay people to commit such murders. Executions in broad daylight such as the one in Vlora show that the citizens’ life is not safe at all”, Kasapi declared.