President reacts to the recent crimes, appeals law-enforcing institutions to increase cooperation

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The President of Albania, Ilir Meta, reacted to the recent criminal event in the country. Today, the father of a divorced daughter killed his former son in law. Considering the situation as very concerning, the President blamed the police of incompetence and declared that such events prove the raising of crime in the country.

“This concerning situation has caused huge public uncertainty. I appeal the police, whose mission and essential responsibility is to preserve the public safety, guarantee the implementation of the law and protect the property of citizens, to shake off the apathy and fulfill its legal obligations, fighting crime in any cell of the society by removing corrupted employees that are connected to the dark world”, Meta eclared.

The President declared that such crimes should be prevented on time. He appealed all law-enforcing institutions to cooperate and increase efficiency.

“I appeal to all national security institutions, especially the Intelligence Service, the State Police and the Prosecution to establish a wider, more dynamic and efficient cooperation”, Meta declared.