Cejku: Kurti avoided dialogue, fearing political cost. Serbia must start a new chapter with Kosovo

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Former Ambassador Arben Cejku declared today on “Absolut 4” that the presence of the US and EU representatives in Kosovo is some kind of pressure for Belgrade and Prishtina as well so that they don’t neglect to start the negotiations.

The US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Matthew Palmer, and the EU Special Envoy for the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, Miroslav Lajcak, have met with the Kosovo Prime Minister, Albin Kurti, who announced that the meeting will the Serbian President, Alexandar Vucic, will be held mid-June.

For Cejku, their visits show that there is no room for avoiding the dialogue, which Kurti has tried to avoid for possible political damage. “This means that the list of priorities presented by Kurti has been thrown. Dialogue comes first, and Kosovo cannot see development while being isolated”, Cejku said.

For the former Ambassador, Serbia must think seriously about opening a new chapter with Kosovo, as both parties have no more justifications and they must sit and discuss the next steps.