Internal election for DP leadership, Harxhi: Basha cannot travel to the USA

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From the city of Korca, the candidate for the Democratic Party, Edith Harxhi, reiterated her accusation that the current party leader, Lulzim Basha, cannot travel to the USA because his visa has been rejected.

Harxhi declared that diplomatic forces have evidence about this fact, and that June 13th, when the DP will vote for their new leader, there will be many surprises.

“There are various sources, including diplomatic ones. I don’t know whether the DP will continue with such a political spiral, with a leader that has lost four elections and that has won three internal elections as a losing leader”, Harxhi declared.

“However, I will continue my work within the DP to bring it back to power the soonest possible. I will remain within the party structures and will keep bringing my propositions. But this may not happen, because there will be many pleasant surprises on June 13th”, she declared.  

Who is Edit Harxhi, Basha’s official rival for the DP internal elections

Edith Harxhi is officially the second rival of Lulzim Basha for the Democratic Party leadership in the June 13th elections.

Harxhi has studied at the Edinburgh University, in the UK. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and International Relations.

Harxhi heads the “Albanian Policy Center”, na independent think tank which drafts analysis and conducts researches on international issues, foreign policy, Albanian governance, security and the relations between Southeastern European countries.

Harxhi served as Deputy Foreign Minister from 2005 to 2013. She was responsible for the relations with internal organizations, NATO and the EU integration process.

She also focused on Albanai’s relations with other Southeast European countries and the regional neighbors.

Harxhi has been the special envoy of the Albanian government in many capitals of the world, as she lobbied for the independence of Kosovo.

From 2003 to 2005 Harxhi has worked as an international adviser to the UNDP, as an adviser to the Prime Minister of Kosovo. She also worked with UNMIK on Gender Matters, and co-authored the First Law of Gender Equlaity in Kosovo, in cooperation with a partnership with Woman Associations, the Kosovo Parliament and Civil Society.

Harxhi is fluent in English, Turkish, Italian and French.