President: Audiovisual Media Authority vacancies must be filled by new Parliament

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The President of Albania, Ilir Meta, declared that the vacancies of the Audiovisual Media Authority (AMA) should be done by the new Parliament coming out of the April 25th elections.

According to Meta, any attempt to put the media freedom under control will be a serious hit towards democracy and will undermine integration.

“I support the appeals of journalists to postpone filling the vacancies at the AMA vacancies after the new Parliament starts operating. I underline that any attempt to control the media freedom is a huge hit against democracy and the respecting of human rights, which damages Albania’s path towards the EU”, Meta declared.

The President supports the concern of Albanian independent journalist and of their foreign colleagues on the Safe Journalists network.

Meta condemns the government’s rush to establish the AMA under their control.

“Especially the current Parliament, which has not been sincere with the media, the EU, and the Venice Commission.  One year after the Venice Commission report, the Parliament has not withdrawn from the anticonstitutional Law against Slander”, the President declared.