Alimehmeti: Albania has lower daily COVID-19 cases than any other EU country

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Ilir Alimehmeti, epidemiologist and member of the Albanian Science Academy, discussed the easier measures taken by the Technical Committee of Experts, as Albania enters its second day without a single COVID-19 victim. This decision led the experts to remove the obligatory wearing of masks in open areas and extend the working hours to 23:00 for businesses, except for nightclubs. Theaters and cultural sites will also be allowed to open with 30% of their capacity.

Alimehmeti declared that Albania’s numbers are lower than any other country in the EU. Hence, he expected even more restrictions to be removed.  However, he agrees that masks should be still used in public places when there are public gatherings.

“We are certain that the virus has reduced, since we are making 2000, 3000 tests a day. The EU Council of Ministers considers relatively well when there are 75 cases for 100,000 citizens. Albania has currently 14. All the EU countries have a higher number. In Spain it’s 160, and they allow businesses to stay open until 00:00”, Alimehmeti declared.

As regards the vaccines, Alimehmeti believes that their tru efficiency will be seen in Autumn and Winter, if there will be deaths even after the confirmed cases increase.