Albania marks second day without COVID victims, several restrictions are lifted

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The Health ministry declared that Albania has marked the second consequent day without any death caused by the coronavirus.

3137 were made in the past 24 hours, 20 of which resulted positive.

The COVID hospitals in Tirana are treating 43 patients, 5 under intensive care.

The Technical Committee of Experts recommended to ease the restrictive measures in Albania.

As of June 1st, masks will not be obligatory in open-air public places, but they will be kept indoors and in public transportation vehicles.

While night clubs remain closed, music will be allowed until 22:00, but other businesses will stay open until 23:00. From July 1st they will be allowed to stay open until 00:00.

As of June 15th, public gatherings will be allowed in open-air places up to 50 people, as long as they respect the social distancing.

Stadiums will be allowed with 30% of their capacity by July 1st, together with theaters, cultural shows, conferences, etc, as long as social distancing is preserved.

Epidemiologist Alban Ylli declared in a live interview with A2 Ditari that despite the easier measures, the virus remains a potential risk that can be thwarted only by massive vaccination.  

“We must administer 2 million vaccines within 2021 to be safe. The new variants and winter are elements that will increase the risk”, Ylli declared.