Dr.Simaku on COVID-19: Soon we’ll return to normality

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Epidemiologist Dr. Artan Simaku declared on “Ditari”, on A2, that all indicators of the coronavirus are in the decline, and very soon Albania will return to normality. According to him, the tourist season will be almost normal, but citizens should remain vigilant.

“This will be an almost normal season, but measures should be followed in closed areas. The tourist areas staff has been vaccinated. This is huge help for the summer season. The Committee of Experts will decide based on some indicators. There are a series of factors that can be taken in consideration. We’re at the right time to review the measures of the Experts Committee, based on this group of factors.

“Due to the lower number, the fatal cases are also declining. We must say that there is no room for negligence, as the risks remain high for people with other diseases”, Simaku declared.

According to Simaku, massive vaccination and natural immunity are the two factors that have helped reduce the pandemic effects in Albania.

As for the efficiency of the vaccines, Simaku declared that all vaccines have a high level of reaction and give good protection against the virus.