“Balkan, a source of infection”, Rama criticizes declaration of German Minister

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The Albanian Prime Minister has responded to the German Health Minister, Jens Spahn.

In a press release for Bild, the Albanian PM criticized the declarations of the German Minister in the cabinet of Angela Merkel, who said that half of the COVID-19 infections in Germany during the past year were caused by the Balkan immigrants who traveled to visit their families.

“It is a scandal that a German Minister denounces the Balkans”, Rama said, adding that he will not allow Albania to be portrayed as a risky area for the holiday travels.

According to Rama, the German Minister doesn’t have the figures to prove this.

“The German Health Minister should take care of vaccinating the German population, rather than causing discontent and stereotypes against the Balkans”, Rama declared.

The German Minister did not ask for banning travel to the Balkans, but for people to get tested.