Gradual reduction of COVID-19 measures, as summer expected to be calmer

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The situation created from the pandemic has been improved, but the COVID-19 virus is still present in Albania.

Skender Brataj, the Head of the Albanian National Emergency appealed citizens to respect the rules, as there are persons getting infected every day.

For Brataj, the tourist season is going to be calmer with the pandemic. 28 health centers are spected to be opened along the seaside and other tourist areas.

The representative of the Technical Committee is reserved regarding the discussions between experts for a possible facilitation of the anti-covid measures.

According to Brataj, we should also expect more cases after the Bayram celebrations.

The Head of the National Emergency is convinced that this period will not have an aggressive wave similar to November and February. The situation will be calmer as the government aims to reach for 1 million vaccinated people before summer.