Prosecutor General visits Vlora and Fier, urges quick and transparent investigation of electoral crimes

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The Albanian Prosecutor General, Olsian Cela, visited the Prosecutions of VLora and Fier as these institutions are investigating lawsuits filed about electoral crimes.

Cela appealed for a quick investigation of the electoral crime cases, and also immediate transparency for the public and media outlets.

“Electoral crime is a priority. We asked the Prosecutions to prioritize a quick and thorough investigation. Securing transparency is of maximal significance”, Cela declared.

Another important matter, according to PG Cela, was the investigation and altering of real estate originating from criminal acitivity.

He underlined that despite the lack of cooperation from many institutions, there is still room for more cooperation and responsibility.

The Prosecution will continue with his meetings to other Prosecutions in the upcoming days.