Appeals and Complaints Commission opens 24 ballot boxes in Berat

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The Central Election Commission started opening the boxes, a request by the Socialist Movement for Integration, in the Berat district. 18 out of 24 boxes were opened, while the rest are being verified by the CEC administration.

Nine out of these 18 boxes resulted with small issues. Some had a few more ballots than registered, others had one ballot less.

The members of the Appeals and Complaints Commission (KAS) will deliberate the request made by the SMI for invalidating the elections in this district.

The SMI has also demanded to recount and reevaluate the ballots for the entire district.

KAS will continue with the rest of the complaints, while there is a decision pending for the district of Gjirokastra.

After investigating these 24 boxes, the parties will have time to administer the data and prepare their arguments for other claims.