“Absolut 4” , Albanian religious leaders appeal for a peaceful resolution of the Israel-Palestine conflict

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The local religious leaders of Albania conveyed messages of peace regarding the recent conflict in the Middle East.

Cardinal Ernest Troshani declared that peace is the biggest concern of the world today. He appealed for a unification of the hearts and minds of the people in the Middle East.

The Head of the Albanian Muslim Community, Bujar Spahiu, gave messages of peace and wished for a quick resolution of the inherited conflict between Israel and Palestine, which has received the attention of the entire world.

“Civilized countries should engage to resolve this problem inherited in time. All Abrahamic religions are born in that area. There are many things that can be resolved. The houses of God are close to each other. Many prophets have been there who have guided humanity. There is a commitment from world leaders to solve this problem. Maybe it will bring positive results so that the people can leave in peace. Our life was given to us by God. Humans are the noblest creation and His dignity will not be violated. I hope that there will be peace”, he said.

Father Grigor Pelushi declared that humanity needs peace. His appeal is for people to liberate themselves from hatred.

“I pray to God that we all become promoters of peace. Humanity needs peace and love. Every person in this world, regardless of their skin color, ethnicity or race, are my brother and my sister. We must free ourselves from hatred and find pardon in our heart and souls. This is how we guarantee our future”, he declared.